2019 Gala Chair
Stephanie Orr

Our Gala is led by dedicated volunteers, many who, like me, are parents of children who have type 1 diabetes (T1D) and have seen the results and impact that JDRF’s research has had on the daily lives of our children and loved ones.

That is why I am asking you to help raise money for JDRF’s mission, to improve lives today and tomorrow for people living with T1D. With your support we can accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D.

Research gives me HOPE! HOPE that one day my husband and I will not be worrying about the possibility of our third adult child becoming T1D or whether or not our two type 1 children have extreme life threatening low blood sugars when they sleep.

On behalf of those people living with T1D, I thank you for your consideration.

Together we can turn TYPE 1 INTO TYPE NONE!

Stephanie Orr

20th Annual Rockin’ for Research Gala Chair

Theme & Entertainment Chair
Colleen Mitchell

Colleen Mitchell has been involved with JDRF for many years. She has been part of the Rockin’ for Research Gala since 2000, first as a guest with no personal relationship to T1D, then as a parent of a child with T1D.

In 2002, her daughter aged 3 ½, was diagnosed with T1D.  With no history of any diabetes in the family, it was a shocking time. Colleen became involved, and deeply committed to, the JDRF mission of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. 

With her work as a Film and Television Producer/Production Manager and her familiarity of the Gala, she joined the Rockin’ Committee in 2003 and remained until 2010.  She’s thrilled to have re-joined this year for the very special 20th Anniversary Gala.

Volunteer Chair
Dorine Drysdale

As a recent retiree, Dorine was in search of volunteer opportunities that allowed for her to give back to the community. Alongside her job in recreation and the local government, Dorine volunteered for a not-for-profit organization— whose focus is on drowning prevention—at the provincial, national and Commonwealth-level. Over the decades, she has held a variety of leadership roles including President of the Canadian society from 2000 – 2002. It was these networks that lead her to JDRF and the Rockin’ For Research Gala.

Having a very close family member who has lived with type 1 diabetes for many years; Dorine felt an immediate connection to JDRF and an equally as strong desire to help make this year’s Gala another resounding success. Both her experience in philanthropy, and skill set developed through leading teams over her career will be invaluable in fulfilling the new role of Volunteer Chair. She hopes to make the volunteer experience meaningful, fun and rewarding as we all strive together to turn type one into type none.

Communication Chair
Maureen O’Brien

Maureen O’Brien, owner of Velocity Public Relations, is a public and media relations professional working with individuals, organizations and small businesses. She’s committed to helping charities raise awareness for their cause and assisting not-for-profits whenever possible.

Although Maureen has had no direct connection to T1D, she has friends whose children have been diagnosed. That is why Maureen is honoured to be a part of the 20th Anniversary Rockin’ for Research Gala Committee, in hopes that one day, her efforts can help her friends see type one, turn into type none!

Live Auction Chair
Rose VanderZalm

For the past 15 years, Rose has not only been a part of the team but as an ongoing participant of the Rockin’ for Research Gala. At the age of five, her youngest of four boys was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Since that day, she and her family have been actively supporting and contributing to JDRF in whatever way possible! She is excited to be working on this very special 20th Anniversary Gala and knows it will be the most successful one to date!

Together, let’s turn type one into type none!

Silent Auction Chair
Salma Mitha

As a North Shore Realtor, Salma and her family have dedicated themselves to help others in all walks of life. For years, they have worked together in helping not-for-profit organizations within their community, taking on a prominent role in the North Shore Family Services Gala Board subsidiary to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. For that reason, she has seen how type 1 diabetes has touched the people within her community, as well as, witnessed the first-hand impact that it has had on her dear friends and colleagues. She is looking forward to being a part of the Rockin’ for Research Gala Committee, to help raise funds to accelerate research and ultimately, to find a cure!

Guest Experience Chair
Sara Margetts

Sara and her husband are both wholeheartedly committed to JDRF. With her past work experience in product development and retail ownership, she’s now a proud mother of two beautiful children, doing the important work of raising them.

Their family were touched with type one in June of 2016, just one week after her daughter’s 5th birthday. It is her daughters positive outlook on life and the way she handles all the struggles of the disease that keeps them fighting for a cure. Sara is grateful for JDRF and the research advances made and truly believes that each year we are coming closer in turning type one in to type none!

Committee Member
Christine Pearce

Health has always been a huge concern for Christine’s family over the years. Having her three-year-old daughter diagnosed with cancer, a niece with type 1 diabetes and Tyler, her youngest son diagnosed with type 1, she decided it was time to get involved. With Christine’s position as a local Tri-City realtor, she is able to provide assistance through her business by helping send young kids to summer camp.

In 2005, a few months after Tyler was diagnosed, Christine and her family attended their first Walk to Cure Diabetes and Rockin’ for Research Gala. Since then, the kids have volunteered at almost every event. Once JDRF introduced the group; Young and Type One, Tyler seized the opportunity to become a team leader for young adults between the ages of 19-30. As a proud mother, she too believes in the importance of giving back.

Together, let’s rise up to turn type one, into type none.

Committee Member
Terri Green

Terri works with a company called BFitKids, which provides before and after school physical literacy classes to kids. As a mother of 2, her schedule can get a bit hectic. So, with whatever free time she has left, she loves to work on her own physical literacy by being outdoors running, hiking, cycling or playing tennis. Terri is also a director on the board of West Vancouver Community Center Society. She was first invited to Rockin’ for Research Gala in 2007 and since then, has attended every year. This year, she is excited to be working alongside one of her close friends, Stephanie Orr, to help support JDRF in finding a cure to treat and prevent type 1 diabetes!